Brandon Friend-Solis Photography | About
Brandon first picked up a camera at age 3, when he stole his mother's point-and-shoot on a trip to Mexico.  She discovered the theft only after finding the camera, developing the film,  and encountering his unique perspective—2 feet off the ground. 
Growing up in Marin County, California, Brandon nurtured his budding interest in photography in the high school darkroom, learning the basics of his craft.  After obtaining his degree in Communications from UCLA, he pursued his passion at a higher level by completing the photography program at Santa Monica College.

With his academic education complete, Brandon quickly immersed himself in the commercial photography market of LA.  He spent several years working with and learning from major photographic talents across many disciplines, from portraiture to still life.  On crew with Matthias Clamer, he learned the intricacies of complex creative lighting while shooting celebrities and ad campaigns for major television shows.   With Jeremy Samuelson, he acquired the appreciation of shooting still life campaigns and interiors for editorial clients, major retailers, and design houses.  His knowledge about executing complex productions around the country and the world has grown exponentially, and the experiences have equipped him with a flexibility and speed that has made him a valuable collaborator for clients and other photographers.
In his own work, Brandon draws both from the artistic values he learned from his upbringing in the San Fransisco Bay Area as well as the commercial markets he submerged himself into in Los Angeles, finding particular joy in the intersection of art and commerce. 
His still-life clients have included Sunset and Darling magazines, Monrovia Nursery, Environment Furniture, Lunares home decor, and Moon Juice.  He has also created a long-running series of portraits for the powerhouse media studio, Collab Creators. Brandon continues to explore his vision and realize the visions of his clients with the same enthusiasm as he did as a toddler on vacation in Mexico.